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Oct 19, 2015

Gotham may have returned, and appears to be swinging for the fences, but last season did not end on what we would call a high note. To go over the highs (Penguin!) and lows (Barbara!), RevNews host Gary Mitchel  got BatFans Christina Janke , Nathan Laws, and Mike Nelson to return from their look back at the first half of the season to see if their optimism for the show at the half-way mark was met. (SPOILER: Not so much.)

Listen in as they discuss which of them was able to even watch to the end of the season; how they break the show down by examining their feelings about each main character; how it entered too CW for CW territory with Leslie vs Barbara; the fact that schizophrenia just doesn't happen!; their love for Bullock & Alfred; their disappointment with the fall of Fish; the show's bad habit of sidelining characters; what they feel is main source of the series' problems; and Christina's lament that Constantine was canceled, yet, somehow, this show survives.

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