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May 25, 2006

There are worse jobs than food service.

"Primary Pollinator" (c) 2006 Nicole Kimberling. Originally printed in Space Squid Issue 2. Produced for RevolutionSF Radio by Sleng Teng Recording. Read by the author.

About the Author: Nicole Kimberling was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and brought up in Northern Colorado. After nearly two decades of retail and restaurant work she decided to attend the Clarion East writer's workshop. Recent publications include Electric Velocipede and Redjack Press' Medicine Show anthology. Nicole, who is married to the artist Dawn Kimberling, currently resides in Bellingham, Washington.

About the Producers: Sleng Teng Recording ( is run by Patrick Gay and Kevin Crow out of a former metal foundry building in the heart of Bellingham, Washington's beautiful "Wood 'Hood." Armed with equipment and philosophies both old and new, Sleng Teng provides a relaxed and informal environment for capturing musical ideas quickly and cheaply. They will work for beer.

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