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Manimal is out on DVD. 

We never thought we would type those words. 

 It's pretty much the greatest show from 1983 that contained a detective who transformed into any animal, but most of the time just a panther or a hawk. It lasted eight episodes. Then-pre-teen Joe Crowe was nonplussed.

Since then, this whole Manimal fandom thing has really gotten out of hand with him. You'll hear why and how.

At DragonCon on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track -- the live-action home of RevCast irregulars Gary, Tegan and a plethora of fine folks -- we hosted a Manimal panimal two years ago, way before we knew Manimal was coming out on DVD. 

Here it is in its entirety, because it is full of geeky love for quickly canceled sci-fi TV.  Joe and Gary were joined by dedicated fanimals Dr. Geek Scott Viguie and New York Times bestselling writer Debbie Viguie

That's right. Fans of Manimal packed a whole convention track room. Your move, people who take sci-fi too seriously. 

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Did the back half of Arrow season 3 live up to the end of season 2?  Erstwhile host Gary Mitchel is joined by Mark Finn, Nathan Laws and Deanna Toxopeus to discuss the ups and downs of the season. They discuss character development (or lack thereof) and the fact that everyone knows about Ollie's secret now. Except Iris, who must never know. 

So sit back and enjoy this episode of the RevNews. We promise this flashback is great, even wihout an Amell in a wig.

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It's November, but we know you really want it to be December because STAR WARS comes out then.  But untl then, Hollywood has some pretty good things to offer you for your viewing pleasure.


Our Podcast Queen, Deanna Toxopeus is joined by Tegan Hendrickson to discuss the upcoming movies. Tegan keeps Deanna in line, while the both recoil as they realize the implications of Princess ButterCup’s daughter being old enough to be in a movie. There is also a theory about what Bond using his real names says about the British spy service.

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