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Oct 15, 2011

In this very special edition of the Roundtable, our Podcast Queen Deanna Toxopeus gathers up a group of Twilight fans to discuss the series.  Stephen Granade, Umni Khan, KateParkinson and Rebecca Thompson look at the appeal of the series, its themes and, yes, even some of the problems with the series.  There is also a fascinating discussion on the female storytelling and the value our society places on female protagonists.

Given that this is a special episode, we have forgone the usual Week in Nerdliness and the Nerd News to spend more time discussing Twilight.

Our theme music this episode is "Cultists On Board" by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, courtesy of Divine Industries.

A reminder about our feedback address. . Tell us what you think about the Roundtable!  What team are you on, Edward or Jacob?

This episode produced by Deanna Toxopeus.