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Commentary, criticism and comedy about movies, TV and all corners of geeky genres and culture. A sci-fi convention in your pocket.

Aug 25, 2011

Who wants to live forever?  That's what the Roundtable asks this epsiode as they look at how immortality is portrayed in genre fiction.  Different types of immortality are examined, as well as questions surrounding immortality using examples from all sorts of genre fiction.  So join Deanna Toxopeus, Gary Mitchel, Van Allen Plexico, David Farnell and Emma Nicolletti as they travel to the ends of time, literally, to look at the issue.

Note: Due to the depth of the topic, there is no Nerd News and Week in Nerdliness this episode.  We want to hear what you think about his development.

Our theme music this episode is "Cultists On Board" by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, courtesy of Divine Industries.

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This episode produced by Deanna Toxopeus.