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Mar 15, 2015

The rumors about Spider-Man and the MARVEL Cinematic Universe started last year after a series of studio emails were leaked, and then the nearly unthinkable actually happened! Sony and MARVEL came to a deal where the web-head can come home! Or at least, to the movie studio created by his home! So RevNews host Gary Mitchel has called together a collection of web(page)-slingers, the Titaness Tegan Hendrickson and the Mighty Michael Falkner to fully cover this amazing news!

Listen in as they go over the details of the deal; how MARVEL had a movie plan that they could not change . . . until this happened; a discussion on whether the studio should go with Parker or Miles; what, if anything, this deal means to non-comics fans; when we'll first see Spidey in the MCU; if MARVEL could or even should try a similar deal with FOX; what the trio would like to see in the future & their pure speculation about it; and Gary making what might be the worst analogy ever, comparing Spider-Man to whipped cream.

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