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Feb 22, 2016

At long last, after many years and a movie reboot, Star Trek is finally returning to television! Well, sort of, as CBS reveals that the series will be part of their new streaming service. Not only that, it will be in the hands of one of our favorite show-runners, Bryan Fuller! We like this news because not only has Fuller brought us some of our favorite genre shows (Pushing Daises, Hannibal), but he got his start with Star Trek!

To discuss all this and more, RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel and Tegan Hendrickson gathered a federation of Star Trek experts: Michael Falkner, Ryan Guthrie and Sue Kisenwether. Listen in as they discuss when/where the new series might be set; a valiant but failed attempt to not discuss the J.J. movies; what they're expecting/hoping for in the new show – including what “essential” things it need to be “Star Trek”, and what past elements need to shore leave; should it be episodic or serial; Kirk as your Cool Uncle vs Picard as your Dad; Utopia vs Striving for Utopia; the attack of the poor Skype connection; and a bonus musical addition to the show from our favorite Goth Vulcan, Voltaire!

The USS Make Shit Up – Written and performed by Aurelio Voltaire, appears courtesy of Mars Needs Music. Hear more from Voltaire at!

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