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Sep 20, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 has come and gone. And once more RevCast Co-host Gary Mitchel corralled some of our favorite people into doing a LIVE episode of the RevCast! Joining him for this special event are Michael Falkner, Sue Kisenwether, Jessa Phillips and around the half-way mark the one and only Tegan Hendrickson

This year, instead of just talking about the con, which they do spend a little time discussing, Gary picked a topic of discussion, the just recently aired first episode of Capaldi's run of Doctor Who, "Deep Breath"! Listen in as they talk all about the plot, the characters, what they liked (Capaldi's attack eyebrows), didn't like (how Jenny is treated this episode by Vastra); Sue's excellent observation of The Doctor as the Audience vs Clara as the Audience; cries of "MOFFAT!!!"; their thoughts on pandering to the fans; Sue & Gary agreeing on a theory about "Time of the Doctor" and how Capaldi should have appeared in it; their thoughts on all the modern companions; special guest voices; and how they feel about the future of the season.

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