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Feb 21, 2015

Continuing our look back at the geek TV of 2014, RevNews host Gary Mitchel calls a gathering of geeks to Podcasting Nanda Parbat to talk all things ARROW: Nathan Laws, Matt Cowger and RevCast Boss-Lady Deanna Toxopeus!

Listen in as they discuss the first half of season three of the Emerald Archer; the mystery of who killed Black Canary I, discuss if it was a Woman in Refrigerator moment; Thea's possible journey into darkness while wearing belly-shirts and if (or how) some characters can be redeemed; how Felicity makes the Clark Kent disguise believable; Roy Palmer as a possible stalker; their love for Stephen Amell on and off the show; what other JLA members they'd like to see pop up; Thea & Laurel's vast improvements as characters; Hong Kong & Not-The-Waller; THE BOXING GLOVE ARROW & Deanna's happy inner six-year-old; the Starling City side of the Flash/Arrow team-up; and
Ra's Al Ghul & Ollie's big literal cliffhanger fight.

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