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Feb 28, 2015

Continuing our look back at the geek TV of 2014, RevNews host Gary Mitchel gathers together a host of lanyard-worthy geeks to talk about MARVEL's Agents on the run: Nathan Laws, Matt Cowger and Mike Nelson!

Listen in as they discuss how season two has improved the show; their love of Kyle MachLachlan; their thoughts on Skye, May, Anti-May, Koenig, Coulson & the rest of the agents; the dropping of the Inhumans into the MCU; the season's various gut-punches; the fact that Gary knows about hurt/comfort fic; their wanting the "Oh, you're not dead" moment; noticing how each season's cliffhanger happens in a tropical area; how everyone in the MCU has a healing factor; guessing what is Ward's flavor of crazy; and the utter awesomeness of Agent May & the May vs May fight.

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