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Feb 16, 2015

Continuing our look back at the geek TV of 2014, RevNews host Gary Mitchel turns on the nerd signal to gather a host of Batfans to discuss the new show about Not-Yet-Commissioner Gordon: Nathan Laws, Christina Janke and RevNews newcomer Mike Nelson!

Listen in as they discuss the show's frustrating unevenness; how they feel about the shows various through-lines; the pure yyeeaaagggghhhhh of Penguin's relationship with his mom; how Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish is channeling Eartha Kitt; Gary confusing his Doctors; the group's love of Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin; a debate if the Wayne murders should be a conspiracy or a random event; Mark and Christina's "desk-flipping" moments; what Barbara does to the show; how too many villains may be appearing too soon; Christina's taking notes from Fish, and what they all hope comes in the future.

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