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Jan 25, 2015

2014 has passed, so it's time to now sit back and reflect on what has come before. In the first of our retrospectives, RevNews host Gary Mitchel pulls together almost everyone who discussed the first episode "Deep Breath" in our Live at DragonCon episode to see what they thought of the rest of the season (not including the Christmas Episode): Sue Kisenwether, Jessa Phillips, Tegan Hendrickson and standing in for Michael Falkner (who sadly could not make it) is Doctor Who aficionado Mike Gordon!

Listen in as they discuss their impression of the season overall; How they feel about Peter Capaldi and the character of the 12th Doctor as well as Clara, Danny and Missy; RTD era subtle vs Moffat era subtle; the quote "If someone changes appearance, if Star Trek taught us anything, that leads you to sleep with William Riker"; the Danny/Clara romance; how the 12 Doctor relates to children; their pics of the high and low points of the season; how they feel about Moffat now; and Tegan's valiant attempts to remind us that it's all gonna be ok.

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