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Oct 14, 2017

Joe Crowe interviewed comedian and podcaster Ken Reid, host of the TV Guidance Counselor podcast. 

On the TV Guidance Counselor podcast, Ken and a guest pick a classic issue of TV Guide and go through what they would have watched, or what they were watching, during the week from that issue.



Ken's podcast is a gloriously geeky celebration of old-school TV. You will dig it. 

We only talked about Manimal for a minute or two, promise. 

Ken talks about hosting over 250 episodes of his podcast, meeting Ted Danson, the awesomeness of classic TV.

And we spent a lot of time talking about the funniest show, SCTV. (And there's an SCTV-related musical surprise at the end of the episode.) 

What To Do Next: 

Listen to TV Guidance Counselor. 

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