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Nov 19, 2016

We assembled two Star Wars fans and two Harry Potter fans at the Hoover Library in Birmingham, Alabama's Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fest in front of a live audience for a panel called "Harry Potter vs Star Wars." 

Some panels such as this would host an intelligent discussion about the differences and similarities in a reserved, intellectual atmosphere. 

RevSF's Joe Crowe just had them fight. 

Darth Maul vs. Prof. McGonnagal? Hermione vs. Mace Windu? Harry Potter vs. Chewbacca? Yes. All of these. Right here. 

Eight characters from "Potter" vs. eight characters from "Star Wars," in a 16-person King of the Ring-style tournament voted on by audience members. The whole thing is silly, fun, and contains intelligent discussion about what would happen if Darth Vader fought dementors. 

We had more fun than any Muggle or nerf-herder should be allowed. 

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