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Apr 30, 2017

Recorded LIVE from Dragon Con 2016, Challenge of the Super Nerds is a goofy live game show that takes place ever year on American Sci-Fi Classics Track, hosted by RevolutionSF's own Gary Mitchel and Joe Crowe

Challenge of the Super Nerds is a trivia game, and it's also a delivery system for geeky gewgaws and nerdy knick-knacks straight from our attics, our shelves, and our storage boxes -- straight to you. 

As always, we invited audience members to clean off their own shelves and bring in cool stuff to give away as prizes. 

Everyone at Challenge of the Super Nerds wins something. Whether you like it or not. (Watch out for the Hulk cologne.) 

Mucho thankos to RevCast cohost Tegan Hendrickson and Classic Track Irregulars (and RevCast pals) Geena Phillips, Michael Bailey, Sue Kisenwether, and Sean Reid.  

And thank you to our excellent audience. You folks are the coolest. 

The RevCast is one of the zillion podcasts on Earth Station One, your home for all things geek. 

The only prizes left after Challenge of the Super Nerds.