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Mar 24, 2017

Live from DragonCon 2016: On the American Sci-Fi Classic track, RevSF's Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel put on a weekend of ape-tastic fun, even when they are not talking about Planet of the Apes. 

But in this case, they are! Take a deep dive into the third Planet of the Apes movie from 1971 (and the only one with Ricardo Montalban, to our everlasting regret.) 


RevSF pals in this live episode include Andrew Gaska, writer of Planet of the Apes books and stories and consultant for 20th Century Fox. Check him out at BLAM! Ventures. 

Join Joe, Gary, and the Classic Track Irregulars at DragonCon on Labor Day weekend and all year round on the FacBoo. 

The RevCast is one of the zillions of geeky podcasts on Earth Station One, your home for all things geek. 




Escape from the Planet of the Apes poster