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Aug 25, 2017

At the Hoover Public Library's Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fest 2017 in Hoover, Alabama, we answered the most pressing question of our time. 

Which one is better: Star Trek or Star Wars? 

Our august panel of learned individuals -- Joe Crowe, local Starfleet captain Mark Adam Miller, and Kingdom Comics wizard Stan Daniel-- answered the question in the best possible way: By deciding who would win if characters from each franchise fought each other. 

This panel decided bragging rights for the next year. If -- WHEN-- the question comes up in your everyday life about whether Star Trek or Star Wars is better, once you listen here, you'll know the answer. 

Thanks to our audience who came out to our super-fun panel. Check out our panelists here: 

Hoover Library Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fest: Books you can borrow AND a sci-fi convention? Genius. 

Kingdom Comics: Books you can buy AND toys you can buy AND shirts you can buy AND tons of geeky gewgaws you can buy? Genius.  

Starfleet International: Hephaestus (Birmingham, Ala. chapter)  A bunch of local folks who talk about Star Trek? Nothing but Star Trek? Genius. 

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