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Aug 26, 2017

RevSF's Joe Crowe hosted a debate between fans of Star Wars and fans of Harry Potter. 

Then it turned into a game of Family Feud, with Potter fans on one side and Star Wars fans on the other.

Listen live to hear Joe totally lose his breath running up and down the theater stairs to give audience members the microphone. 

The whole thing was part of the Hoover Public Library's Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fest in July 2017, where the nerd-o-sphere in Birmingham, Alabama got together for some healthy debate.

Quick question. Lobot, Lando's buddy from Cloud City. He's a cyborg. Right?

This is one of the many issues we address.

Thanks to these fine folks

Hoover Public Library Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fest

The DeuceCast Movie Show

To our cool panelists everyone in our audience, thank you! We'll do this again next year. I mean, we'd do it again right now, but the library probably already has a thing. 

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