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Commentary, criticism and comedy about movies, TV and all corners of geeky genres and culture. A sci-fi convention in your pocket.

Feb 7, 2015

In this long lost episode, our co-hosts, Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel, are once again joined by Tegan Hedrickson to discuss the movies for January.  In addition to the cinematic discussion, Deanna waxes poetic about the Librarians, Gary waxes poetic about Clone Wars getting Anakin/Darth Vader right, and Tegan waxes poetic about a nuggalope named Mr. Schmooples. We also beat a metaphor to death in fine RevCast fashion.  Deanna also gets broken again.  

Our theme music this episode is "Cultists On Board" by the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, courtesy of Divine Industries.  

A reminder about our feedback address:  Should Gary watch the LIbrarians?