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Commentary, criticism and comedy about movies, TV and all corners of geeky genres and culture. A sci-fi convention in your pocket.

Mar 22, 2015

Red Dwarf!  It's a British sci-fi classic about Lister, the last survivor of the human race (conveniently,  a loveable slacker. So take that, all you med school overachievers!). He travels  through space on the mining ship the Red Dwarf.  He has companions Holly, Rimmer and Cat, but you can read about that on 

Mar 18, 2015

It's March! Spring is in the air and the warm winds have blown in some new offerings from Hollywood. Our hosts Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel sit down with Tegan Hendrickson and Michael Falkner to discuss the warming of the movies. In this episode, we learn that Tegan will do a lot for a movie ticket and some booze....

Mar 15, 2015

The rumors about Spider-Man and the MARVEL Cinematic Universe started last year after a series of studio emails were leaked, and then the nearly unthinkable actually happened! Sony and MARVEL came to a deal where the web-head can come home! Or at least, to the movie studio created by his home! So RevNews host

Mar 7, 2015

The 80s were a wonderful time for action television.  Every week, K-cars exploded and flipped on our small screens.  Lone wolves would sweep into our lives, saving us from mob bosses, drug lords and the occasional communist.  For our second visit to this topic, our hosts, Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel are joined by