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Commentary, criticism and comedy about movies, TV and all corners of geeky genres and culture. A sci-fi convention in your pocket.

Jul 24, 2014

It's July, which means it is hot and sticky in most of North America (even you Seattle!). What better way to beat the heat than heading out to the theater to catch a flick. But with so much choice, how do you decide where to enjoy the air conditioning? Well, never fear, co-hosts, Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel are...

Jul 7, 2014

Back in January, a rumor was started by Conan O'Brien on Twitter that the 1966 Batman TV series, in all it's colorful, campy glory, was going to be released! At that news, RevNews host Gary Mitchel put out the Podcast Signal, and gathered Batfans Michael Gordon and Matt Cowger to discuss this groundbreaking series.

Jul 3, 2014

E3 has come and gone! Yay! We're getting a new Assassin's Creed game! Yay! You can't play a female character in multiplayer in it! Wait, what? This news has caused a flurry of discussions about women gamers, female & minority representation in gaming, and more. To sort through all these thorny issues, RevNews host Gary...

Jul 1, 2014

June has come and gone, but we have not forgotten it.  In fact, this episode is our look at the June moveis before they came out!  Our co-hosts Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel are joined by Michael Emond to look at what Hollywood is offering to celbrate the beginning of summer. They have a wide ranging...